1. THE BEST PROFESSIONAL INTRODUCTION AGENCY YOU CAN JOIN IN THE UK OR YOUR FEE REFUNDED,  indeed we guarantee to provide  TWICE the service of any other UK dating agency or we refund your fee.


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Other London professional matchmakers you may  compare us  against include,  70-30, SeventyThirty, Drawing Down the Moon, Sara Eden, Attractive Professionals, Berkeley international Gray and Farrar, Foy Associates, Gray & Farrar, Seventy-Thirty,  Elect Club, Dinner Dates, Only Lunch, Elan introductions, Just Lunch, RSVP - If you do not think after trying us, we are TWICE as good as any of these,  OR ANY OTHER  UK dating  agency we will make a refund.




1. Change your mind  up to three days after joining and have ALL your membership fee refunded.


2. Try us for four weeks, meet our members and have all your money refunded towards any other

agency in the world, if you are not impressed.


3.If we fail to supply you with AT LEAST 10 good QUALITY members to ACTUALLY MEET we will

refund your membership fee proportional to any shortfall e.g.only 8 dates = 20% refund 0 dates

100% refund. (it has never happened yet  in our 30 years)


If you join on the day of your interview we add  three  more guarantees/benefits


4. Within your first 2 months with us and for any reason,  e.g. you move,  find a partner  even if it was  with one of our members  you may have half your membership fee returned (extended to 3 months if you lose your job).



5. If you are a current paid up member with another UK  professional introduction agency and within your contracted membership period   (as many agencies leave you on forever  as a  "filler" to bulk out their  membership and maybe use you as a fill in date for somone they cannot find any more matches for), and they find you a  for-life partner to marry, or live with, we will refund your membership fee


6. Pay just 50% of the membership fee and try the service first before paying the balance. (we wonder how many agencies in the UK would still be in business with this feature).



For London professional single social events suitable for clients aged 38 to 65 see They hold parties in London every week using top venues, The Ritz,

The Savoy, The Ivy la Gavroche etc.






Drinks and dinner parties at London's top venues, The Ivy, Le Gavroche, Le Caprice,

The Wolseley, Langans, The Ritz, The Savoy, Crockfords, etc.  Designed for

professionals from age 38 to early 60's  For full details see





We organise a range of useful training courses, indeed they carry the guarantee that if you do not think they worth every penny they cost and the knowlegde you gain changes your life for the better, then call us within seven days of the training and we will make a donation of 50% of the fee you paid us to charity ( never happened yet!) for further details see






We maintain the quality of our dating service by enforcing a minimum standard for  all new

members. This basically means would our members be PROUD to meet you and are you

of a high enough calibre that they could forma lifetime relationship with you.






We do not accept men under 5ft 6ins in height, as our service would not be good enough as

most of our ladies will not date short men  ( the average height of a male in the UK is 5ft



Unless there are exceptional circumstances we would not accept a man  aged above 29 still

living at home,  we would expect him to have his own residence. ( living in the west wing of

Longleat House would be acceptable my Lord!). Average appearance is acceptable but "slobby or

unkempt appearance would not be acceptable. Men with little ambition.  such  as a degree

qualified professional aged 38 earning under 28K how could he support a family?  his wife would

have to work to support him?



We interviewed a solicitor earning £60K pa, who wanted to give it up and fulfil his ambitions of

getting married to have family,  then leaving his wife and child in the UK to travel abroad doing

charity work for about £25K pa. Very noble, but that means his  desire for "life fulfilment" is his

work, over that of his wife and family, who would have to struggle on, with little support from him or 

support themselves finacialy, while he travelled the world  living his dream, looking after everyone

else except them.   DREAM ON he was sent away.



Guys who want to meet only attractive ladies aged under of 35,  who do not have children and

would not want to have children in the future. Now that's what we call real selfish.  If he understood

just how important it would be to 99% of ladies God makes, that when they find their life partner

they will biologically ache for a child,  yet he would not be DELIGHTED to give her that gift ,how

selfish is that?



We had one guy in addition to  requesting the above, also asked that a potential partner was

prepared to sign a pre nuptial agreement.  So that means an attractive lady in her prime at age 28

to 35  latches on to this guy, has his babies and as she loses her youhtful beauty  so at age 44 +

he can trot off and find a younger model. Selfish sod, being a man means that you plan and take

care of your soulmate for life, not just use  her to suit your own needs then discard her. 



Some men have no emotional side to them. They are not caring, do not understand women's

needs at all and although quite capable of providing a high material lifestyle,  it would be a cold,

distant relationship - and WE  don't do grey boring marriages we are paid to find  lifetime

soulmates, not dull husbands.



A pilot called us about membership and explained  that although he met plenty af attractive ladies

they did not have enough wealth. Mean sod, he wanted her to have at least as much  money as he

had. On your bike, count your money every night on your own.  A man looking for a partner with a

substantial financial  contribution is looking for a partner for the wrong reasons. How can you ever

love a mean man?



One guy aged 31 was like interviewing a stoggy 48 year old. He had a degree but had the same

job (which he didn't like)  since he left  university. I could not envisage any of my female members

being happy to be introduced to him, so I recommended two other professional introduction

agencies to him, the first of whom snapped him up!



One guy with a degree aged 42 and living in London earned £24K and was already with a London

professional dating agency, He  asked if he could join us. I explained that all my ladies would be

mortified to be introduced to someone earning so little, they would have to work for life to support

the home. I advised him to return to his agency and ask to meet career professional ladies aged

over 47 who life would revolve around her career and may well settle for guy at home. He could run

the bath, lay out next days clothes and cook dinner which is a million times better than what a dog

or cat can do. He wrote me a lovely email saying he was taking the advise.



6ft tall successful and widowed all seamed great at the interview only to be informed at the very

end  he only wished to meet ladies who were VERY active catholics. Regular church goers we

enquired, no a lot more, attending various chucrh governance meetings etc.  We told him "no

chance"  try at the church.




A real man, whom women would die to marry has to have the following factors.  Summarised it is

strong intelligent and caring.


1. STRONG INTELLIGENT  He must be stronger than her ,emotionally and intellectually, otherwise

how can she respect a weaker man or a drip, even with a body of the  Adonis she will soon tire

of his company. It is amazing how most successful professional women have had relationships

with "sweet men" lacking in strength of character and  "mummies boys". At our interviews we

explain why this happens, so you stop wasting your  time on them in the future.


2. GENUINELY UNATTACHED He must be 100% unattached- to fall truly in love. We do not believe

a woman can share her man with ANY other women, be it he is still in love with an ex girlfriend /

wife, dotes over his daughter from a previous marriage always putting her first, has another

girlfriend somewhere or you do not trust him to remain faithful to you. or indeed and especially 

still tied to HIS MOTHER.  This will always prevent a special bonded relationship, a normal

marriage maybe a soulmate - no chance.


3. IS HE READY FOR COMMITMENT.  Many men are looking for a good sexual relationship without

a long term commitment.  Many men are not ready to get married and you can spend years waiting

and eventulaly give up. So within 6 months of a new relationship unless you are spending a lot of

quality time together and you are a "team" so that you miss each other when apart, the chances

are, it is unlikely to  develop into a very special relationship. If after 6 months or so his priority is a

week end with the boys playing golf - get out, find  a real relationship.  If he can afford to lose you

the relationship is rubbish, better to break it now while time is on your side rather  than waste

another year of your time.


4. MATCHING LIFESTYLES He should fit comfortably within your lifestyle, friends and family to be

proud of him. Similar manners, culture, ethics etc. Even if he is tall dark handsome and rich if his

main interests are stamp collecting train spotting and darts and quiz nights at the local pub and

yours are art galleries theatre and travel, or he swears or spits food when he talks when out to

dinner with your friends / family no chance dump  him.


5. WHERE ARE YOU GOING If a guys dream is to open a donkey sanctuary in the Gobi Desert with

the nearest "shack" 40 miles away and go back to nature- self sufficiency- no electric thank you.

And your dream did not include living in shacks or tents, don't go there you will not change his

dream.  In three years time after being made redundant  he  is off  to live the dream at  Tent 2A

Gobi Desert are you coming?


6. HE NEEDS TO EARN AS MUCH AND OWN AS MUCH AS YOU. There are few exceptions to

this rule see end of this paragraph. If the guy earns less than you, how can he be your knight in

shining armour? your provider?  It means if you go on holiday he treats you to a two star hotel

( have you ever stayed in two star hotel? think it is based on a maximum  cockroach count) or you

go five star and you pay.  It gets to you, it will not work, you will lose respect for him.  A normal man

 will  feel insecure and start to become possessive and jealous.  Two types of men would be

happy with this sort of relationship a "mummies boy" who's mother has always been his decision

maker and provider and he will look for wife to take on his mother role plus sex as well! and a

mean/lazy  man will like this arrangement and he could give up his job up. Kick them out

-  losers!  The exception if a guy gave up a highly paid Harley Street private practice making 200K

doing face cosmetic operations on rich old ladies and switched to restoring  the faces of British

soldiers for far less money, a successful professional woman would not judge the person on the

money he earned but would respect him for what he did and the reason and although she may

earn more money than him, she  would respect him as she would not equate his worth and status

 to his salary.



7. CARING NATURE The guy may be tall dark handsome and rich but what use is this to you if he

sods off with a 28 year old when you reach the age of 48 with three kids. This means spending 40

years on your own looking at the wall with your weekly whist drive in the village hall or sitting on

some sundrenched beach all day reading books. No man has ever walked into our office and told

us he looking for a women to marry that will grow old and wrinkly with a hump on her back so he

can spend all his money on her and look after her in her old age - but that is what we do, if you get

the relationship right, he will not let you down. However if you do not get a proper bonded

relationship then this is often what men do. If the guy is arrogant mean selfish how the hell can

you trust him not to let you down. It may seem alright now while you're young and attractive but

what happens when you are 48 if he puts his interests first as he always has done, where is his

caring nature to put you first. Throw him out before you even remove any clothing for him, mean

men are dangerous for your long term heath and should carry a government heath warning

similar to cigarettes.


I hope this information helps you to select a life's winner as the problem with most ladies is, once

you start a sexual relationship you become blinded by the emotional feelings you have, which then

override caution and natural common sense. Most relationships do not fail after 2 years, they

started to fail after 6 months and women cling on for dear life hoping it will change and get better -

it NEVER does chuck him out earlier, give yourself a chance to meet a good guy  it will not happen

whilst you waste your time with him.



Top quality men demand to meet top quality women it makes sense.  A guy may hit upon you in a

bar for a one night stand if he fancies you, but demands completely different standards when

looking for  a wife.  Like it or not there is nothing politically correct about dating it is totally

prejudicial, it is the way  nature made us.


99% of normal men will only be attracted to attractive ladies. ( if you are a loser you have to settle

for  what you can get) . So if you are not very attractive with an average overweight figure and a

normal personality  why would a successful guy choose such a person as apposed top a very

attractive slim warm personality intelligent younger lady.  We have had 27 years experience in the

dating game, would it make sense to turn away "large frame" older ladies who would pay us

£1000's to join if we could find a way of making it work for them? We have tried for 27 year and we

have not found anyway we can make the service work. We could instigate dishonest ways to give

them dates, taking guys on for free to make up there dates with no intention of settling down,

dating you with staff members or friends or phoning up a client asking him to meet a rich old biddy

and we will select two cracking younger ladies for him as thank you, oh god would we be rich! but

we don't.



In an exclusive area of London I met with a lady from an eastern Europe counrtry where stunning 

younger  ladies fall in love  with Engishmen's wallets. She had been married twice and thanks to

healthy divorce settlements had considerable wealth. She was looking for husband number 3.

 Her first and main requirement was that he must be at least as wealthy as her (of course).  We

explained that the guys with the size of wallets she was looking for  were not looking to marry a 40

year old gold digger, they can get a fresh gold digger age 24 for the same price, her gold digging

days were over. She can sit in her luxury flat for the next 40 years looking at her wedding photos or

jewellery on her own. We declined her membership application



Because  our guys are successful they have the choice of the UK. women.  Men become very age

sensitive when seeking out there next partner and successful men can attract and date younger

women. So if a woman loses her youthful appearance as aging does, the men decline to date or

pair up with such ladies given the wide choice of younger ladies available to them. So appearance

and age are very important factors as to whether our service will work well for ladies. We will not

raise peoples expectations to unachievable levels or just waste their time and money.  If you were

our sister there is a point where we tell you our service is a waste of money - too competitive, 

there are other ways of finding your man but not through an introduction agency ( phone us for

advice it free)



We have found from experience that our service is waste of money for  ladies over dress size

12/14   as our men will not date them, so we recommend you do not join.



This is  good one, most of our female professional members when we first meet them give out a

protective barrier that most men who do not know you would see an "intimidating". We always say

men are coming for a cuddly teddy bear not  one stuffed with house bricks and wrapped in barb

wire. This is why we usually interview 95% of our female members for 5 hours. We teach them to

take away the barriers, soften, be proud of being "girly"  and that will attract warm, strong  caring

men instead of the weak, deceitful, married and or older men they  have been having as 


By the time clients finish the interview 95% of them will go on to be warm affectionate women of

the type men would be happy to settle down with. The remaining 5% we recommend they do not

join as they have become so cynical about men ( for good reason in their case) they will not soften

and remain hard, cynical, distrusting, indeed contemptuous of men for these people unfortunately

theyare beyond our help and unfortunately for them, not the sort of person our male clients are

paying us to be introduced to.




Many women for a variety  of reasons, but usually for the same reasons,  have made their life

priority,  work. Being successful in a mans world,  success, financial  stability, self esteem and

status (all normal masculine drivers)  plus financial independence  so she will never feel

vulnerable or reliant on a man, in case he lets her down. Many of these women want it all, a high

level career a perfect loving husband and children - dream on


I remember visiting a high level executive lady working for a top company. She had a high powered

job, excellent salary package and the high status that came with it. She had two teenage children

and a large house in a country setting.


Her husband was made redundant and he became the house husband so she could develop her

career , the provider, financial independent  etc.  Hubby does the housework and waits for wifey to

come home, where is his manliness  and self esteem?  It was with the neighbour, who thought

he was a nice guy, she looked up to and respected him, so after a period of great  sex, ran off to

live  with her, leaving Mrs Career  to her sort life out. She thought by contacting a professional

introduction agency  I would be able to replace her husband who she required to be reasonably

 successful to bring finances into the family and to look after the  house and children or

contribute to nanny / cook so she could continue with her existing life.


 I told her no chance, what guy worth a £1M is looking for this role?  In 29 years I've never met one.

I told her look at the wall because in 10 years time when her job disappears and the kids haveleft

home, she can rattle around the house from age 50,60.70.80 on her own plus dog.

 A few months later she called me, and said come and see me again, I have gone part time  A

lifetime partner is more important  to me. She was ready to join and has indeed found her partner




A lady in her late 30's came for an interview and did not like us  at all. She did not want to know

how many more ladies than men there were, or that men date younger and ladies etc. She went

home spitting blood and thought  I was Mr Nasty for some time.  She told her sister what  a rotten

interview she had. Her sister thought, it makes a lot of sense to her, someone telling her straight

the way it is, rather than happily ever after fairy stories. So her sister booked an interview and

joined and paired up  with one of the first guys she was introduced to. She sent her wedding

photos to us in February 2013  ( not for publication just for us) and they both looked a million

dollars. Her sister has now come back and joined as well and looking forward to some good

professional matchmaking




We get women who think they have everything going for them. When they go clubbing younger

men are all over them,  they tell me they have no problem meeting men they are just not the right

quality. GET REAL the younger men are crawling over you to get in your pants. Mention the word

"life partner"  and the room would empty quicker than Bin Laden with a bag strapped to his back .


One woman joined us, she was very attractive with a wow figure and was aged 39,  and

very attractive for her age. At her interview she said she would  like to meet younger men aged 30

to 36. I told her dream on, or go night clubbing, as guys in this age group looking for a wife and

children  do not come here looking fora woman of 39,  (take to bed for a bit of fun - maybe, to

marry,no chance. So she agreed at her interview a more realistic  age group to date to find  life

partner would by 37 to 47.  After joining she told my staff she did not want to meet anyone over the

age of 34.  I gave her, her money back to join another dating agency as our men of 32 are not

looking for life partner aged 40.  I  cannot cope with dreamers. All members are now asked at their

interview what type of person and age range they would like to meet and if we think it is unrealistic

 we decline membership.





















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